Data areas

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Data areas

This section lists all the data areas used by iForGit.


Application Data Areas


GITADDQT - This data area contains the quote character added around the source member IFS file name on the git command line. The default value is a single quote (') which will wrap a file name with single quotes.


GITCCSID - This data area contains the CCSID value to be used by iForGit when issuing commands. Default is *SAME which means no job change will occur. A valid value could be: 37 or any other valid CCSID. Normally it should not be required to use anything other than *SAME.


GITHOME - Add users's home directory to environment variable for commands. Default - *YES. This will automatically add the users home directory to the search path when running iForGit commands. This is useful for when iForGit commands are called from an SSH or bash terminal which does not always set the user's home directory in the search path.


GITPATHUSE - Call the GITPATH command before running any git commands from iForGit. This will set the environment path for wherever the git command is located. The default data area value is *YES. The default path value for git in the GITPATH command will be: /QOpenSys/pkgs/bin


IFORGIT - License key data area.


VERSION - iForGit version data area.


Library Specific Data Areas

These values are library specific git versioning data areas initially set one time when a library is enabled for git versioning by calling the SETLIBREPO command.


GITENABLED - Is iForGit git enabled for the selected directory. Default value is *YES.


GITREPODIR - This data area contains the git repository path for the selected library. Example: For library QGPL the path might be: /gitrepos/QGPL