SETLIBREPO - Set Repo Data Areas for Library

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SETLIBREPO - Set Repo Data Areas for Library


This CL command is used to perform a one time set up of a local git repo data area for a library that will be versioned with git.


The GITREPODIR data area will be created in the library and set with the selected IFS repo directory name (as long as the *SET option is used). The IFS directory structure does not have to exist because it will be auto-created the first time the SRCTOGIT command is run.


The GITENABLED data area will be auto-created by the command and defaults to *YES unless specified. (Currently this command only affects the STRSEUGIT commands capability to use git for a library.)


Note: After this command has been run, it's a good idea to make sure your valid repo directory exists before pushing source to it or you can run the SRCTOGIT command with one  source member which can auto-create the repo by default when it's run if desired.


Note: The SRCTOGIT repo auto-init will only happen if the directory paths do not exist and get auto-created by git. If the paths exist, SRCTOGIT will still do a repo validation to make sure directory is a valid Git repo.



Command Example to perform - git sync

SETLIBREPO LIBRARY(QGPL)                     







LIBRARY - Library name to set up for git source control.


IFSREPODIR - Specify the IFS directory where the local Git repository will be for the selected library.


ENABLEGIT - Enable git



*YES - Enable STRSEUGIT to version control with git for selected library.


*NO - Do not enable STRSEGIT to version control with gut selected library.


OPTION - Select option to display or set Git information for library.



*SET - Set the Git repo data areas.


*DSP - Display the Git repo data areas.