PC Requirements

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PC Requirements

iForGit doesn't really have any PC requirements for source version control.


If you plan to access your IBM i git repositories from the IFS using your PC, you will need the following software Git components installed or another Git client if you want to be able to review source changes.


Note: A Windows share for the IFS is not mandatory if you will just be editing via SEU or RDI and using standard IBM i source members.


1.) Create a NetServer Windows share to your Git directories. We recommend a top level git IFS folder of /gitrepos in the IFS.


2.) Access the NetServer share as a network drive using mapped drive letter or UNC path \\ibmiserver\gitrepos\repodir


**Note/warning for NetServer shares and security - Your network team will need to insure that your file shares are working properly. NetServer often seems to have issues with security if Windows and IBM i user.passwords don't match. V7R3 seemed to have accelerated those issues. Reach out to your IBM provider for assistance with IFS access.


1.) Install git on your PC



2.) Install Tortoise Git or other client on your PC