Intro to iForgit

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Intro to iForgit

What is iForgit ?





Why choose iForGit for IBM i Source Version Control




What iForGit is Not - Today




Classic IBM i Development Sequence




This is the way most IBM i shops work.


Edit, Save, Compile, Test and Deploy.


Or they may have a source/object versioning tool already that they use, in which case iForGit may not needed.



Classic IBM i Development with Git





Once iForGit is installed, auto-commits of source can be set up almost immediately for passive git implementation with zero training.


Then SEU and RDI developers can start committing changes on demand from PDM, RDI or VS Code.


Your team can be versioning classic source members in less than an hour with no initial training.


IBM i Library Install and Licensing or have us give you a Zoom demo.