IFSCOMMIT - Commit IFS Files to Git Directory

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IFSCOMMIT - Commit IFS Files to Git Directory


This CL command is a convenience command and can be used to commit changes in a local IFS git repository directory using one single command. 


It's essentially a CL command wrapper over the following sequences:     

cd /gitrepodir;git add .;git commit -m "Comment Specified on IFSCOMMIT"     


Note: If you need a more customized git command, use the GIT or GITCMD CL commands for full control over the git command line.


Command Example to perform git command:












IFSREPODIR - Git IFS repository directory to commit changes for.


COMMENT - Commit comment. Default: *DATEUSER


Enter a commit comment or special value.


*DATEUSER - Write date info and user ID into commit comment automatically.


SNDMSG - Send messages on completion or failure to selected user.  


MSGUSER - User to send message to. Default - QSYSOPR


DSPSTDOUT - Display the outfile contents. Nice when debugging. Default=*NO. Set to *YES to view logs after running command.


LOGSTDOUT - Place STDOUT log entries into the current jobs job log. Use this if you want the log info in the IBM i joblog. All STDOUT entries are written as CPF message: QSS9898. Default=*NO


PRTSTDOUT - Print STDOUT to a spool file. Use this if you want a spool file of the log output. Default=*NO


DLTSTDOUT - This option insures that the STDOUT IFS temp files get cleaned up after processing. All IFS log files get created in the /tmp/qsh directory. Default=*YES