GITQSH - Run Qshell command line

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GITQSH - Run Qshell command line


This CL general utility command is used to run any qshell command line and capture STDOUT output to an outfile, current jobs job log or a spool file. 


Command Example to run directory list of the /tmp directory

GITQSH CMDLINE('cd /tmp && ls')          








CMDLINE - Qshell command line or combination of Qshell command line options to run separated by ampersands &&.  
Example to list /tmp directory: cd /tmp && ls


DSPSTDOUT - Display the outfile contents. Nice when debugging. Default: *NO


LOGSTDOUT - Place STDOUT log entries into the current jobs job log. Use this if you want the log info in the IBM i joblog. Default: *NO - Only enable if you want to capture STDOUT to joblog and entry list is short. You can always display the OUTFILE from QTEMP as well. 


PRTSTDOUT - Print STDOUT to a spool file. Use this if you want a spool file of the log output. Default: *NO


DLTSTDOUT - This option insures that the STDOUT IFS temp files get cleaned up after processing. All IFS log files get created in the /tmp/gittemp directory. Default: *YES