GITPATH - Set search path for git

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GITPATH - Set search path for git


This optional CL command is used to set the current jobs yum package search path environment variables. Environment variables are named: PATH and PASE_PATH..


Note: You would only need to use this command if your user does not have /QOpenSys/pkgs/bin directory in the search path. Normally search path defaults are placed in a .profile files under /home/userid


Example .profile contents in /home/userid directory

# Make sure QOpenSys Yum packages are available for user      



Note: The .profile file CCSID must be 819 or 1252 which is a valid PC format so be careful if you create .profile via EDTF. If the file CCSID is 37, then the contents will be EBCDIC instead of ASCII which would cause issues with setting the profile when user runs STRQSH or an SSH/putty session.


Command Example to run directory list of the /tmp directory

GITPATH PATH('/QOpenSys/pkgs/bin')                    




PATH - Enter the IFS path name to add to the selected path to the PATH environment variable.