Editing Source Directly in the IFS with Notepad++/VS Code Etc

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Editing Source Directly in the IFS with Notepad++/VS Code Etc

If you are directly checking out, committing and editing files from the IFS using Notepad++, VS Code, IBM i EDTF command or any other Windows, Linux or Mac based editor, then you can version control files by simply connecting to the IFS local repository directory using a Windows IFS share and your favorite Git client such as Tortoise, SourceTree, EGit, etc.


The general IFS edit, version control flow goes like this: 

Use your Git client to check out, compare, revert and manage source members from the IFS repository. (For this scenario it's assumed you're connecting to the IFS repository directly over an IFS Windows share.)

Edit and save source member with your favorite editor from the IFS share source repository directory location.

Commit changes to local IFS repository

Use the SRCFRMGIT CL command or any other continuous integration tools you may have written to move the source member from the IFS repository into a source file as needed for building. 

Build the source. 


More to come on best practices for editing source directly from IFS without RDi.